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TribX90 Review – Natural Testosterone Booster By AllMax Nutrition

TribX90 Review – Natural Testosterone Booster By AllMax Nutrition

Tribx90 – Features, Cost, Ingredients, Pros and Cons

Tribx90 is a natural health supplement manufactured by ALLMAX nutrition. This supplement is made solely from standardized Tribulus Terrestris which has 90% saponins. This herb is found mostly in tropical regions. It is claimed to boost the testosterone, libido levels among many other benefits.

Features of Tribx90

  • It is available online and in retail shops, though GNC do not stock the supplement.
  • The herb extract in the supplement is at very high dosage.
  • The herb used to make this extract is only grown in Bulgaria. To ensure only the best is picked, it is hand-picked. This is done once per year.
  • It is claimed to be twice potent in boosting the testosterone levels. This is due to the fact that the concentration of saponins in this supplement is very high.
  • It is claimed to be made from best quality strains of Tribulus Terrestris.
  • It is used mostly by sportsmen as it boosts strength and stamina.

Cost of Tribx90

The cost of this supplement varies with different suppliers. The 90 capsules bottle in Amazon retails it at $17.87 and $17.98 in


Tribulus Terrestris (750mg)

Tribulus Terrestris

It is also known as goat’s head, bindii, bullhead, tackweed, burra, devil’s thorn, cat’s head, puncture vine among other names. The plant has been found to have a lot of medicinal values. The parts of the plants used to make the medicinal extracts are the leaves, roots and the fruits. In traditional medicine, it was used to treat urolithiasis, dysmenorrhea and urinary tract infections. In the modern medicine, it is used to treat various conditions such as; chest pain, eczema, prostate enlargement, sexual disorders, infertility and many others conditions.

The main components of the Tribulus terrestris roots include the following: –

  • Protodioscin is the main active compound and contains up to 45% of the extract.
  • Pseudoprotodioscin-it is anti-inflammatory agent that inhibits TNF-alpha production. In melanoma cells, it also inhibits melanogenesis.
  • Dioscin and Diosgenin – Diosgenin is extracted from the tubers of Dioscorea wild yam. It is a photosteroid sapogenin. It is used in manufacture of progesterone, cortisone and other steroid products. Dioscin is a natural product and it acts as lipid lowering agent. It also used to treat cancer and has hepatoprotective effects.
  • Diosgenin is 0.031% in roots, 0.065% in stem, 0.16% in aerial parts. The overall percentage is 0.16%.
  • Tribulosin-it is prepared using petroleum ether, chloroform, 50% methanol and water.
  • Hecogenin-3-O-β-d-glucopyranosyl (1 → 4)-β-d-galactopyranoside-it is a steroidal saponins. It has inhibitory activity on tumor promoter-induced phospholipids metabolism of HeLa cells.
  • Protodibestin and tribestin
  • Sulphated spirostanol and furostanol saponins.
  • A 60kDa antilithiatic protein
  • Vitamin C at 909mg/100g (0.9%)

Tribulus terrestris fruits contain the following: –

  • Spirostane
  • Tribulusamides
  • Terrestramide
  • Pregnane glycosides
  • Furostanol based steroidal saponins- they include the following: -terrestroside A, B, terrestrinin B, terrestroneoside A and chloromaloside.

Formulations of Tribulus terrestris

Sometimes the extract is paired with Boerhaavia diffusa. The formulation obtained is called Unex. A combination called Tradamixina is obtained when D-glucosamine, Alga Ecklonia Bicyclis (80mg) and N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine (100mg) are paired with the extract.

Research on Tribulus terrestris

Various researches have been conducted to illustrate effectiveness of Tribulus terrestris. They include:-

Human research

A study which involved women who were given a dosage of 1,000 mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract per day was done. The women had diabetes type 2. After a study period of 3 months, it was found that the women’s sugar and cholesterol levels had reduced significantly.

Another research was done to men who had low sex drives. The men were given a dosage of between 750- 1,500 mg of tribulus terrestris for a period of 60 days. After the research period, the researchers found out that their sexual desires had risen by 79%.

2 grams of the extract were subjected to males with hypertension in another study. There was a significant reduction in blood pressure. Appropriate blood pressures aid in boosting the testosterone levels.

In another research, a dose of 800mg of this extract per day was shown not to effectively improve erection. However, a dose of 1500mg per day showed a significant improvement in sexual satisfaction and erections in humans.

Another study showed that the extract does not improve composition or the exercise performance. A study was done in elite male rugby players. The men took the supplements during five weeks of weight training. In the end of the study, there was no improvement in body composition and strength.

Benefits of Tribulus terrestris

  • Improves testosterone level
  • Improves libido.
  • It is anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Used to relief pain.
  • Important in fluid balance.
  • It is anti-cancer agent.

Manufacturer’s details

It is manufactured by Allmax nutrition, a company that specializes in manufacturing of health and wellness supplements. The company was launched in 2000s. It specializes in athletics supplements which improves the performance.  The following are the company’s contact details: –

Phone Number: (416) 223 – 4561

Address: 4576 Younge St Suite 509

North York, ON M2N 6N4, Canada.


Where to buy Tribx90 testosterone booster?

The supplement can be purchased online through the manufacturer’s website. It can also be purchased over the counter from the manufacturer or the available retailers.


  • It has fast results. The effect of the supplement is felt as early as after 1 week of product use.
  • Increases the performance of the users. This include the ones witnessed during heavy weight lifting championship. It also improves on speeds.
  • It is affordable when compared to other supplements available in the market.
  • It enhances once libido.
  • It has been found to treat erectile dysfunction.


  • It is associated with some strong withdrawal symptoms.
  • The supplement has a very bitter taste thus inconvenience to the users.
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure of the user require to be regularly monitored.

Best alternatives to Tribx90

  1. Testogen

This is a testosterone booster made from natural ingredients. It boosts the testosterone levels significantly in a short period of time.

Testogen’s Benefits

  • It helps boost the libido.
  • It facilitates the development of lean muscles.
  • It promotes development of cognitive functions.
  • In the body, it lowers the cholesterol levels.

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  1. Prime male

This is a natural testosterone booster. It not only boosts testosterone levels but also boosts libido and facilitates development of strong lean muscles.

Benefits of prime male

  • It boosts libido
  • It helps in development of the skeletal structures.
  • It is used as anti-diabetic agent.
  • It helps improve the health of the skin.
  • Improves the health of the heart.
  • It causes weight loss in the body.
  • Helps promote the health of the prostate.

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Does Tribx90 boost testosterone levels?

When buying a testosterone booster, one should choose a supplement that has been manufactured by scientifically tested ingredients. The company manufacturing the product should be reputable and the supplement should have the ability to offer several benefits. The side effects associated with the product use should be minimal or none. Research has proved that Tribx90 is very effective in energy and libido boosting. It is manufactured using natural ingredients therefore minimal side effects. It also trades at low cost compared to other supplements. All these features make the product a recommendable testosterone booster. Prime male and Testogen are natural testosterone boosters. They have a wide range of benefits and the price is cost effective. In the absence of Tribx90, the above supplements can be used as alternatives.

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