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Text X Core Review – Does This Testosterone Booster Works?

Text X core Review – Does This Testosterone Booster Works?

Text X core Overview

Text X core is one of the numerous Testosterone boosting supplements available in the market. The name may tempt one to think that after using this supplement, the testosterone count will shoot up to high levels. Is this the real scenario? The supplement is available on Amazon but is suffers a lot of negative reviews. Different sites also record different ingredients as being contained in the supplement. Let’s keenly study the supplement to get the real picture of its effectiveness.

Claims and facts about TestX Core Reviews

  • TestX is manufactured by a company known as Phenom Health
  • The testosterone boost is available on online sales outlets like on Amazon though on GNC it’s not sold.
  • The supplement is branded not only as a testosterone booster, but also as an aid to the development of lean muscles and increased energy levels
  • The saponins concentration in the Tribulus Terrestris used in this supplement is at 40%
  • Fenugreek extract to saponins at concentration of 50% is at 6 is to 1
  • The supplement composition portrayed by its manufacturer is totally different from that on Amazon.

Ingredients In Text X core:

To put into perspective how Test X core works, we need to first explore its ingredients. The supplement contains the following ingredients;

Ingredients And Dosage

  • Horny goat weed : 100 mg
  • Maca Extract : 100 mg
  • Korean Ginseng : 100 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestis  : 40 mg
  • Zinc : 20 mg
  • Fenugreek : 200 mg

Horny Goat Weed

hony goat weedThis is an extract in majority T boosting supplements. The name might give an impression that it is a very powerful ingredient as far as boosting testosterone is concerned. Spoiler Alert! The extract has little effect on the count of testosterone. It has proven capacity to improve blood circulation though. Better blood flow creates a conducive environment for testosterone production. It has libido boosting properties too.

Maca Extract

maca extractExtracts from the roots of the Maca plant are commonly used in making supplements. However scientific research reveals that the extract has no effect on the testosterone levels. It’s associated with improvement of the body energy levels and improving libido though. It is also widely used to aid in the treatment of various conditions such as Anemia.

Korean Ginseng

Korean GinsengThis extract is also referred to as Panax ginseng or Asian Ginseng. The extract suppresses prolactin which destroys testosterone. Research has it that its effects on testosterone levels are minimal.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus TerrestrisThis extract has Saponins at the concentration of 40%. Research demonstrates that the extract aids the body in development of lean muscles and improving the libido. It has nor proven relation to testosterone levels though.

Zinc, in this supplement is present as 66.66 mg of Zinc Citrate. The supply of zinc in the compound is 20 mg. Zinc is one of the vital mineral which is fundamental to the process of testosterone production. More zinc mineral compound in the body lead to more testosterone production.


fenugreekFenugreek is an herbal extract that suppresses the levels of aromatase, a testosterone killer. It also lowers estrogen levels. Lowering estrogen levels improves testosterone levels significantly. Estrogen neutralizes free testosterone agent in the body. Aromatase is the enzyme that catalyzes this process.

Does TestX Core Work? 

Test V Core basically has a powerful natural ingredients which help in blood flow, so it improves your sexual drive. Here are some ingredient verdict which say how Testx Core work.

Text X core Ingredients verdict
The composition of TextX core is a bit worrying. It makes you wonder whether the manufacturers intended to make a male performance enhancer or a testosterone booster. If the supplement is a testosterone booster it ought to have more of its ingredient helping in boosting the T-levels. Unfortunately, in TextX core this is not the case. Out of the 6 outlined ingredients only 2 can be said to be useful in testosterone improvement.

Out of the two only one can be considered significantly potent. Zinc is renowned across all health realms for its many benefits to the body.

These ingredients do not appear very convincing of the effectiveness of Test X core.

Reviewing Test X core is particularly interesting. Different sites that sell the product have different ingredients posted. The ingredients listed here are those listed on the label of the products. The mixed signals are suspicious though. They make you doubt even the ingredients on the label. The FDA has strict regulations on the production of supplements. They require the manufacturers to reveal the composition of the product. The contradicting information does not make the product’s composition very clear.

Text X core usage

It is recommended that you take 2 tablets of capsules daily.

Note: Seek a doctor’s attention if you suffering from a certain ailment or if you use the supplement and experience negative side effects.

Text X core Pros

  • The ingredients are natural hence safe with zero side effects.
  • Enhances your fertility.
  • The supplement has various proven benefits to the body such as boosting libido and aiding in the development of lean muscle.

Text X core Cons

  • Contradicting information on the ingredients in the supplement which causes mistrust.
  • Many negative reviews by customers who have used the supplement.
  • It costlier when compared to other T-boosters at 75 dollars for 60 capsules.

Where to buy testx core?

Test X core for sale at online stores such as Amazon. But the best offer is from the official testx core website. Visit and avail the offers.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much to smile about in Test X core. The ingredients do not reveal any significant ability to boost testosterone levels. Only one ingredient, Zinc, has a significant capacity to boost testosterone. It cannot work well as a stand-alone ingredient though.

The composition information offered by the company on the label is different from than on Amazon. This casts a serious shadow of doubt over the effectiveness of the supplement. The many negative reviews on the supplement are a further discouragement. We have seen supplements that we didn’t think were great but had very impressive reviews. The supplement promises too much and delivers too little.

It is not all bad news though. The ingredients have proven benefits to the body. The supplement appears to perform well in lean muscle development and in boost male performance. It is important to realize that stronger erections do not by any means mean boosted testosterone. For an old man looking to jump start their sexual drive, it could be a great option though. It’s not worth the price it sold for though. You can find far better options at a cheaper price.

we highly recommend TestoGen  as it is the best selling product of 2018 and holds the trust of millons of users.

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