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TestoRush RX Review : 2018 Updated Best Supplement Booster

TestoRush RX Review : 2018 Updated Best Supplement Booster

What is TestoRush RX?

TestoRush RX is one of the strangest natural testosterone supplements currently available for purchase on the market. Mainly because it’s a ”Schrödinger’s Booster” – it exists and does not exist at the same time. The only website allegedly selling it ( looks like it hasn’t been renewed since 2014, and the current information often sounds like a joke written in bad English. Anyway, keep reading to learn the details!

Does TestoRush RX work?

Absolutely no way of saying. The TestoRush RX selling page mentions a few testimonials and pictures, but they are back from 2014. All attempts to find more recent data broughtno results, and this product isn’t featured on Amazon (or similar websites) either – so there you have it. A product “reviewed” by dozens of websites, a product with no decent homepage. Does it exist at all? That’s a tough question, and we can’t answer it. Wouldn’t risk buying the stuff to try.

TestoRush RX Ingredients

Now this is where the REAL joke begins. The official list of ingredients mentioned on the website is (sic):

  • NO
  • L–arginie
  • Vitamins
  • Protein

NO? Nitric oxide? The volatile gas that dilates blood vessels, you’ve managed to contain it in capsules? Now, gentlemen, if this is true, we have a solid candidate for the next Nobel Prize. It’s a comical, almost stupid claim – and I’m sorry if this sounds too straightforward. Also, “L-arginie” and “vitamins.” We know of arginine, but what in the world is “arginie”? And which vitamins, exactly? Oh, so many questions.

But the strange things don’t end just here, as there are a lot of websites that list a whole different set of ingredients present in TestoRush RX, namely:

  • Huang Qi root extract (astragalusmembranaceus)
  • Rou Gui bark (cinnamon cassia) extract
  • Wu Wei Zei fruit extract (schizandriachinensis)
  • Sheng Jiang root extract (ginger root)
  • Lentinula Edodes (shiitake mushroom)
  • CordycepsSinensis extract (standardized to 7% cordiceps acid)

And almost 10 other ingredients. Now, this is a whole different thing that’s likely to bring you quite exquisite results! The only problem is that we can’t be sure that this list is real, because it’s not mentioned anywhere on the TestoRush RX main (and only) website. Are you willing to risk your money and health to find out? I’m surely not.

Beneficial effects of TestoRush RX

Allegedly, this product should boost your testosterone levels, increase NO (nitric oxide) production rates, improve erectile function, speed up building of muscle, increase libido (sex drive), and even improve mood & confidence. What it REALLY does, however, it’s impossible to tell due to the mysterious list of ingredients that’s nowhere to be found and no way to be confirmed. Oh, and also due to the crying lack of testimonials.

Side Effects of TestoRush RX

Unknown and unpredictable. Heaven only knows what’s in those capsules, and therefore – which effects they could impose on your health. Although tiny, there IS a chance they could be as great as the manufacturer (alleged?) claims on the official (hopefully?) website. Otherwise, be ready to endure any side effects imaginable. Not knowing as much as the REAL list of ingredients, it’s hard to say what side effects you should be aware of.

What’s GREAT about TestoRush RX

  • If the ingredients list we’ve found on other websites is real, then the formula is quite innovative. However, it’s hard to tell if it brings the effects it promises.

What’s NOT-so-good about TestoRush RX

  • Little to no information about the manufacturer.
  • No official list of anywhere.
  • The only site that “looks” official also looks shady as hell.
  • Scarce testimonials with no way of confirming if they are real.

TestoRush RX customer satisfaction and testimonials

Nowhere to be found. All of the testimonials and reviews we’ve managed to find were either absolutely positive (which begs the question if they are real at all) or undoubtedly affiliate (saying that the product is great and persuading to buy it). Well, I’ll go against the current: the product DOES NOT seem great, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying it. Everything about TestoRush RX looks way too strange to be credible, and I wouldn’t risk my health and masculinity to try it out. If you want a real testosterone booster, go buy TestoGen.

Where you can buy TestoRush RX

We haven’t seen this product sold in any kind of specialized physical store, online marketplace (Amazon and eBay included), and even the “official website” does not have a working link or payment gateway through which you’d be able to purchase TestoRush RX. In other words, it seems that you can’t really buy this booster anywhere, but if you come across it on the web or IRL: stay away from it, that’s my recommendation. There’s just too many questions revolving around TestoRush RX – and little to no answers at all. Your health, your masculinity, and your testosterone deserve better. Personally, I recommend either TestoGen if you want guaranteed results.

Conclusions: should you buy TestoRush RX?

I wouldn’t, if I were you. The information about this supplement is scarce, and even that is quite unreliable. There’s no decent official website, the list of ingredients is ambiguous and inconsistent, the customer testimonials are really poor. Frankly, it almost seems like someone has invented this product, but never got to create the real deal itself. Fancy banners and a half-assed website, that’s all there is to TestoRush RX.

If you want consistent and reliable results that wouldn’t put your health at risk, aim for top-quality supplements sold on top-tier websites. Everything should CRY of quality: that’s the only way to be sure you’re buying something worth your efforts, time, and money.

overall we would recommend you to try TestoGen as it is The Top Selling Testosterone Booster of 2018 and holds the trust of millions of users
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