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Six Star Testosterone Booster Review : Ingredients, Pros And Cons

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review : Ingredients, Pros and Cons

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review: A Product with One Key T-Boosting Ingredient, Boron

Before we start I want to add that testosterone booster six star review gives you complete glimpse of what is Six Star Testosterone Booster. When looking for the best testosterone booster for muscle gain, you will notice how easy it is to confuse a product’s advertising for its potency. Hence, before you buy a T-booster like Six Star Testosterone Booster, try to familiarize yourself with it in advance. Know more about testosterone booster powder   Do not leave any stone unturned as far as digging for more information about it is concerned. Remember that if you use a T-booster with harmful ingredients, your body could suffer the consequences.  So, herein is a detailed rundown of Six Star Testosterone Booster to get you started.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Powder Review Features

  • Manufactured by the makers of Muscle Tech, which is America’s No. 1 selling brand for bodybuilding.
  • Features a primary ingredient proven in a human clinical test to increase natural testosterone production with the average range.
  • Contains a blend of ingredients claimed to amplify athletic performance.
  • Test subjects who used it got testosterone increment in merely seven days.
  • It is frequently stacked with Six Star Casein Protein, Six Star 100% Whey Protein Plus and Six Star Pre-Workout Explosion.
  • Available to purchase online on the Six Star Pro Nutrition’s official website, but can also be  bought  on major  retail stores  like Amazon

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Ingredients and Dosages

  • Calcium: 45mg

Anticatabolic Complex:

  • Rhodiola Extract (as Rhodiola crenulata) (root): 386mg
  • Ginkgo Extract (as Ginkgo biloba) (leaf) : 2.7mg

Free Active Testosterone Stimulator:

Boron Citrate : 100mg

Other ingredients contained in Six Star Testosterone Booster include crospovidone, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, dicalcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate and coating (talc, polyethylene and titanium dioxide).

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients Review:

Anticatabolic Complex

Anticatabolic Complex forms the first part of the testosterone booster’s ingredient list, which includes 2.7mg of Gingko extract and 386mg of Rhodiola extract.  Here’s a detailed look at each of these ingredients:

Rhodiola Extract

Rhodiola is an herbal flowering plant that traces its roots to traditional Chinese healing or medicine.  As such,  it has made a name for itself throughout the centuries thanks to its ability to boost both cognitive and physical vitality. Although the supplement features a weak form of Rhodiola, the ingredient is known for cutting down the user’s perception and experience of both exhaustion and fatigue, making it ideal for depression reduction and even enhancing athletic performance.

Ginkgo Extract

This ingredient is extracted from the leaf of Ginkgo biloba, a plant well-known for its natural health properties. The herb is mostly used in treating memory conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Aside from combating conditions that appear to cut the flow of blood in the brain, it helps to amplify blood circulation around the body.  Ginkgo’s low dosage casts doubt on its effectiveness.

Boron Citrate

Boron citrate makes up the free (active) testosterone stimulator section for this testosterone booster. In fact, it delivers 100mg of the ingredient coupled with a 5mg supply of active boron. This dietary mineral is claimed to boost testosterone levels, especially when it is supplemented at high dosages.  Boron plays a crucial role in combating both estradiol and   SHBG   or sex hormone binding globulin.  Both compounds act as testosterone killers.


Apart from the main ingredients, Six Star Testosterone Booster boasts a 45mg dosage of calcium, a highly praised mineral. Its essential function includes strengthening the bones. Calcium is used in controlling high levels of phosphorous and magnesium in the body. Despite its low dosage, the ingredient is yet to be proven to be a T-booster.

Why Take Six Star Testosterone Booster?

As advertised by the manufacturer, it takes just seven days to boost your free testosterone levels with Six Star Testosterone Booster. This claim is a plus for the supplement since you do not have to wait for a long time to assess its effects.

It comes in an easy-to-take pill/ capsule form. Therefore, this testosterone booster six star review supplement is more convenient for carrying around in your backup, either to work, the gym or when traveling.  Powder supplements can be messy and may require time for mixing and cleaning up after use.

Unlike some other testosterone boosters available on the market today,  this T-booster features ingredients that are backed by research as opposed to pseudoscience.  This factor helps to add a sense of confidence in the ability of the supplement.

It aids in maintaining peak testosterone to cortisol ratio in the body, especially after a rigorous exercise regimen. Cortisol entails a hormone that causes high levels of stress, leading to the breakdown of muscle tissues in a process called catabolism. Using this T-booster inhibits cortisol production in a bid to retain muscle tissues.

Away from availing its list of ingredients, the manufacturer of this testosterone booster does not hide the ingredients’ dosage. Hence, you can easily evaluate the effectiveness of the product or whether it will help you achieve your goals by looking at the quantity of each ingredient included.

This supplement features ingredients with the ability to increase your testosterone levels. Boron, for instance, leads to increased free testosterone levels.  The ingredient composition also comes with an anticatabolic complex, which helps in retaining muscle tissue.

The Bottom Line

Although this supplement contains some quality ingredients, it contains low or weak dosages that may probably not give you the desired outcomes after use.  For example, the inclusion of   2.7 mg of Ginkgo extract may cause the ingredient not hold its promise including reducing fatigue. Additionally, the manufacturer uses a less potent form of Rhodiola, Rhodiola crenulata, as opposed to more effective one like Rhodiola rosea. In fact, the latter is a suitable ingredient for a testosterone booster.

While some of these points may drag this T-booster down in terms of usefulness as advertised, boron appears to be its saving grace. This ingredient gets the job done as far as studies regarding testosterone increment are concerned.  What this means is that you can go for this product if you’re interested in what boron has to offer or you can opt for another stack with more boron dosage and a suitable ingredient pairing. Nevertheless, you can always consider going for a testosterone booster with a proven record and effectiveness such as Testogen. Since it is one of the most sold testosterone booster on the market.

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