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Progene Review – Can I Buy This Testosterone Booster?

Progene Review – Can I Buy This Testosterone Booster?

Progene Review – Product Features, Cost, Dosage, Ingredients, Pros And Cons.

Progene is an all-natural testosterone supplement. The manufacturer claims that it enhances sexual function and facilitates the improvement of emotional and physical well-being.

Cost of Progene

For the first month, the price of the product is $59.95. For the subsequent months, the cost is $69.95. Those purchasing it in bulk are subjected to discounts. The manufacturer offers a 90-day guarantee. This promotes effectiveness as many customers are willing to buy and try out the product.

Ingredients used in Progene

They include the following:

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris or puncture vine is a Chinese herb. It was used as a traditional herb to enhance sexual functions. It was later introduced to the testosterone boosting supplements. It was claimed to increase the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), a testosterone precursor that increases the testosterone levels. The steroidal glycoside in the extract called Protodioscin facilitates this action. 45% saponins standardize the extract in this supplement. Protodioscin is essential in bodybuilding, and it promotes the release of nitric oxide which causes dilation of blood vessels. This facilitates the flow of blood which is rich in oxygen into the muscles, promoting their proper development.


  • Saw Palmetto

It is a plant, and its ripe fruits are used to manufacture medicine. Its benefits include the following: –

  1. It inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT, thereby increasing free testosterone levels
  2. It is useful in decreasing symptoms of an enlarged prostate.
  3. Research shows that it can be used in the treatment of alopecia.
  4. It is useful in reducing bleeding following prostate surgery.


  • Macuna pruriens

It is a tropical legume also known as velvet bean. Some of its benefits include the following: –

  1. It boosts libido.
  2. It reduces stress.
  3. It promotes posture and physical balance.
  4. Useful in revitalizing female and male reproductive systems.
  5. It promotes energy and endurance improvement.
  6. It improves the health of both the peripheral and central nervous system.


  • Long jack

It is derived from Eurycoma Longifolia. The plant grows in Southeast Asia. Its benefits include: –

  1. It enhances libido.
  2. It improves cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  3. It facilitates the improvement of memory.
  4. It supports the health of the liver and kidney.


  • Ginseng

It is an herb found in China. The following are its benefits: –

  1. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction.
  2. Useful in prevention of hypertension.
  3. It is used as anti-inflammatory agent.
  4. Used to treat flu.
  5. It promotes increased body energy.
  6. It improves the cognitive functions.


  • Jamaican ginger root

Jamaican ginger is a tropical plant growing in Australia and East Asia. Some of its health benefits include;

  1. Useful in treatment of nausea.
  2. It is an anti-fungal agent.
  3. It acts as anti-inflammatory agent.
  4. It lowers the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.
  5. It improves the sexual function.
  6. Useful as a remedy for heartburn.


  • Oat straw extract

It is also known as groats, herb oats, common oat, oat grass and wild oats.


  1. Used in treatment of insomnia thus promoting good sleep required in testosterone synthesis.
  2. It lowers the levels of cholesterol in the body.
  3. It contains minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and many others. All these are important during testosterone synthesis.
  4. It is also used to treat anxiety related disorders.
  5. It is effective in hemorrhoids treatment.


  • DHEA

It is produced by the adrenal glands. This hormone has a wide range of benefits including: –

  1. It facilitates buildup of muscle and bone strength.
  2. It helps in improving the memory and mood.
  3. It facilitates more energy buildup.
  4. It makes the immune system strong.
  5. It acts as anti-aging agent.
  6. It improves the health of the adrenal glands.
  • Muira Puama

It is found in the Amazon rainforests.


  1. It is used to treat sexual dysfunction.
  2. It facilitates reduction of fatigue, stress, and anxiety.
  3. It also improves the cognitive function.
  • L-arginine

It is an amino acid. It facilitates the production of nitric oxide in the body. This causes the blood vessels to dilate promoting the blood flow. It increases energy and also useful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

  • Damiana

It is a shrub growing in Mexico and West Indies. It acts as an aphrodisiac. It also improves energy and stamina.

Manufacturer’s details

Progene Health company manufactures progene. Its contact information is as follows: –

Phone number: 866-PROGENE

Address: 544 West Liberty St. Cincinnati,

Ohio 45214.

Where to buy progene

The supplement is available at the manufacturer’s official website. Therefore, one can order it through an email or phone call. It is also sold at retail stores and online for example GNC.


  • There are many positive reviews by the customers regarding the product.
  • The supplement is manufactured using proven ingredients.
  • There is the provision of the complete list of ingredients used.
  • The manufacturer provides a complete contact information to the customers.
  • The manufacturer’s website is secure thus user-friendly.


  • The Progene’s formula cited lacks clinical backing.
  • It is expensive as compared to other available supplements.
  • For long-term results, the consumer must take the supplement for a long period.
  • Use of DHEA as a prescription is contraindicated in some countries.

Best alternatives to progene

1.Prime male

It is claimed to be a 100% natural testosterone booster. It helps maximize performance, increase strength and elevate libido. It was founded in 2015 by a company based in London. The details of the company are given below: –

Propura ltd.

145-157, st john street,

London, EC1V 4PW


Benefits of the supplement

It is claimed that Prime male has the following benefits: –

  • It ensures that the prostate is healthy.
  • It is claimed to boost libido
  • It strengthens the bones.
  • It promotes cognitive function.
  • It prevents insulin resistance hence controls blood sugar.
  • It encourages tighter and healthier skin.
  • The supplement improves cardiovascular health.
  • It facilitates the loss of body weight.


One capsule four times a day is the appropriate dosage. Each dose should be taken three hours apart.

One can take it with a snack or meal.

Prime male results

The product contains D-aspartic acid which the company claims that it elevates the testosterone levels by 42% in only 12 days.

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It is an all-natural testosterone booster that can be used as an alternative to Test Freak.


  • It elevates libido.
  • The supplement Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • It reduces body fat.
  • It Increases strength and more lean muscles.
  • It Improves mental and physical performance.

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Does progene boost testosterone levels?

Progene has been proved to improve testosterone levels. The is readily available in the market, and the manufacturer’s website is also compressive thus providing transparency to the consumers. Discounts are offered to customers who buy the product in bulk. These make the product recommendable.

However, the product is manufactured by many ingredients whose measurements are not disclosed. The cost of the product is also high as compared to other supplements. For effective results, the consumer requires using the product continuously and for a long time. All these setbacks make the supplement not a very effective testosterone booster. Prime Male and Testogen have been proved to possess a wide range of benefits and they are cost effective. It is for these reasons that the two can be used as an alternative to Progene.

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