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Nugenix Review With Ingredients, Customer Reviews, Side Effects And Pros & Cons

Nugenix Review With Ingredients, Customer Reviews, Side Effects And Pros & Cons

Does Nugenix work?

Long story short, it seems that Nugenix doesn’t walk it’s talk anymore. Once upon a time, it has been quite the solid booster, but something changed. Either the ingredients aren’t of top-quality anymore, or maybe their dosage changed, it’s hard to say. I mean, some of the present ingredients are proven testosterone boosters, but there’s just a few of them in these capsules. The other components are either quite neutral (like Tribulus Terrestris) or generally beneficial (like vitamin B6 and vitamin B12), but aren’t worth the high price of the product. In other words, it seems that Nugenix Keep reading to learn the details!

Nugenix Ingredients

We were unable to find an official list of ingredients on the Nugenix website that would feature dosages and all the similar stuff, but the following list is found throughout the internet. Most likely, it’s a picture of the Nugenix label:

  • Zinc – 5 mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 2 mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 50 mcg
  • Proprietary NugenixTM testosterone complex (fenugreek seed 50% extract, L-citrulline malate, tribulus terrestris fruit extract) – 2,103 mg

Other ingredients (which account for the capsule itself and do not impose any health effects whatsoever) include gelatin and magnesium stearate; nothing fancy or strange, just the usual stuff that’s used to craft supplement capsules.

So, let’s start with the basics: it’s not a BAD list. Zinc has scientifically proven testosterone-boosting effects, and so is fenugreek. Citrulline is often used as an erectile enhancer thanks to its ability to boost nitric oxide (NO) synthesis from arginine, so it’s also a pleasant thing.

But that’s it, that’s where the fancy benefits end. Tribulus Terrestris is a thing of the past, with numerous studies pointing out that this ingredient isn’t that effective as we previously thought, especially in doses up to 800 mg daily.

The other ingredients are vitamin B6 and B12, but hey – they aren’t somethingexactly uncommon. You don’t need specialized testosterone supplements to get those, right? Vitamins are good for you, but we take testosterone supplements for a whole different reason. And that’s where Nugenix fails quite miserably.

Beneficial effects of Nugenix

Allegedly, the Nugenix capsules should enhance confidence, increase sex drive, improve building of muscle and physical performance in general. In fact, this product has a few ingredients that could aid in that but there are a lot of customer reviews affirming they haven’t experienced any of the promised benefits.

Side Effects of Nugenix

A few verified customers on Amazon reported headaches and nausea after taking Nugenix. One 63-year-old male also complained of increased urination during nighttime, possibly related to his prostate enlargement.

Surprisingly, we couldn’t find any side effects that are usually related to a sudden elevation of testosterone levels, like during supplementation with some of the top-tier T-boosters (like TestoFuel or Prime Male). In our opinion, this is an alarming sign indicating that all of those customer complaints could be quite real: after all, you won’t get any side effects associated with high testosterone if you, well, don’t get any high testosterone.

What’s GREAT about Nugenix

  • L-citrulline malate. Citrulline is an amino acid that’s converted in your body into arginine, which is then metabolized into nitric oxide. This improves erectile function, normalizes blood pressure, and could even improve physical performance. However, it’s impossible to say how much of citrulline there is inside the Nugenix capsules.

What’s NOT-so-good about Nugenix

  • Extremely poor customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Tribulus Terrestris has recently gained a lot of criticism in the scientific circles. At the moment, it’s considered to be not very effective for boosting testosterone, at least in doses under 800 mg daily. There is no way of telling how much Tribulus is there in the Nugenix capsules.
  • Zinc is the only T-boosting mineral present in the blend. For a reason unknown, the manufacturer hasn’t included neither boron nor magnesium into the Nugenix capsules.
  • The price for a single bottle is $69.99, which is pretty high for a product containing just 2 proven testosterone boosting ingredients (zinc and fenugreek) and as much as 2 general health enhancers (vitamin B6 and vitamin B12).

Nugenix customer satisfaction and testimonials

We’ve searched high and low, and it seems that Nugenix has more displeased customers than happy users at the moment. The average Amazon rating for their testosterone boosting pills is just 3.4 (out of 5), with whole 31% of users giving it the worst rating possible.

The most popular complaint is that this product “does not work.” Several other customers reported side effects and poor business practice.

It’s also quite suspicious that the official Nugenix website does not feature any real testimonials whatsoever, what could be the problem? We’re afraid the answer is, most likely, the obvious one: little to no favorable testimonials at all.

Where you can buy Nugenix

If you still want to give Nugenix a try, you can test your luck by purchasing this product either on the Nugenix official website or from their account on Amazon. Some time ago this testosterone booster was also available for purchase on Walmart, but has been recently out of stock.

From time to time, it’s possible to find Nugenix elsewhere, but we can’t say whether this is the real deal or a fake. After all, why would anyone try to create a fake version of a product that’s currently not doing that well on the testo-booster market?


We do not recommend to take Nugenix on a consistent basis. Not that it would do you any serious harm (some mild headaches and a bit of nausea at most), but it’s just that it’s not very likely to bring you the benefits you deserve. The situation is just too shady at the moment, with too many customers reporting a drastic drop in this product’s quality.

Also, it’s hard to argue with the fact that the price of Nugenix is absurdly high for the amount of ingredients it features.

If you want consistent and noticeable results, you should look for a testosterone booster with a proven track record and enough customer testimonials to resonate with your current situation and concerns; sadly, Nugenix features none of that.

At the time being, the most powerful, effective, and safe testosterone boosters are still TestoGen and TestoFuel, if you want a piece of solid advice. Check out our honest reviews on these fabulous products to learn the details!

The worlds top selling testosterone booster is TestoGen
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