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Monster T Review 2018 Updated : Should I Buy Or Not?

Monster T Review 2018 Updated : Should I Buy Or Not?

Does Monster T work?

Most likely, it does, but just a little bit. Monster T, a testosterone booster created by UniScience Group, has been around for years now – and the initial formula hasn’t been improved ever since its creation. It’s not essentially BAD, but not really powerful either. Maybe that’s why the customer testimonials are quite diverse and the results often inconsistent. Nevertheless, let’s take a detailed look at what this product has to offer you – and then make the conclusion whether you should try Monster T to elevate your testosterone levels!

Monster T Ingredients

According to the official label present on the Monster T bottle, the following ingredients are present in the formula (numbers are provided per serving of 6 capsules):

  • Zinc (in form of zinc oxide) – 30 mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) – 3,000 mg
  • L-Citrulline – 1,500 mg
  • Stinging Nettle – 140 mg

Some other ingredients (like calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, and guar gum) are also present in this product but they account for the capsules themselves and do not impose any effect on your health whatsoever. They are all hypoallergenic and ought to be tolerated well in virtually all customers.

So, if you have a bit of basic knowledge about the most popular ingredients used to boost testosterone, you can see that this formula has some chance of working (at least to some extent).

After all, zinc is one of the classic T-boosting minerals (scientifically confirmed to enhance free testosterone levels), and so is D-aspartic acid (scientifically proven as well, at least in animal studies). Citrulline is also a great thing in theory, as this amino acid is turned into arginine in the human kidneys – then to be converted into nitric oxide (NO), which is a universal vasodilator greatly responsible for the strength of any men’s erection. The last item on the list, stinging nettle, is also a classic component of male supplements, and there are actually some studies indicating that it could be effective – in certain conditions.

In other words, the components should work. Sadly, they work quite inconsistently, and this fact is clearly reflected in the products testimonials on Amazon (we’ll get to that a bit later).

For now, let’s just say that selling a supplement with just 4 ingredients for almost $40 is a rip-off. Almost as bad as Nugenix – trying to sell a 6-component pill for $60. Ironically, both products contain citrulline, and both bring inconsistent results.

Beneficial effects of Monster T

Allegedly, the Monster T testosterone boosting pills should bring you the following effects (by increasing your testosterone levels):

  • Improved build-up and defining of muscle mass
  • Increased sex drive and erectile function
  • Enhanced confidence and mood
  • Boosted physical performance, strength, stamina, agility

In other words, pretty much like just any other testosterone booster; the only problem is that this one doesn’t work as well as the manufacturers promise. Maybe that’s due to the short ingredients list, maybe their quality is questionable: no way of being 100% sure.

Side Effects of Monster 

We were unable to find any consistent reports of side effects experienced after taking the Monster T testosterone booster. At first, this may sound like something fabulous, but in reality, can be explained by a lack of T-boosting action. Consider this: ALL top-tier testosterone boosting supplements (like Prime Male or TestoFuel, for example) have side effects because elevating your hormonal levels can come at a price even when done the natural way. We’re talking about voice deepening, a bit of acne, irritability, and so on. These temporary effects are a proof that the pills are working and the testosterone is going up. From such a perspective “no side effects” sounds like something fishy, doesn’t it?

What’s GREAT about Monster T

  • Almost no side effects are reported, but maybe that’s due to a lack of action in the first place.

What’s NOT-so-good about Monster T

  • There is no boron or magnesium in the formula. Both of them are usually believed to be stronger than zinc in terms of boosting testosterone.
  • Just 4 ingredients present.
  • The cost of almost $40 is pretty much absurd for a 4-component product. The modern market has MUCH better options for roughly the same price. For example, Prime Male features 12 fabulous ingredients for roughly $60 and TestoFuel is made of 9 powerful components for about $55 bucks. Still sound like a better option, and the testimonials are MUCH more positive.
  • Unclear money-back conditions and terms.

Monster T customer satisfaction and testimonials

Sadly, just 63% of verified customers rated Monster T as a 5-star product on Amazon. Some people report this supplement helped to improve their testosterone levels a bit, but others affirm that they had experienced no effect at all or that it wasn’t really worth the price paid.

Where you can buy Monster T

This supplement can be bought either from the manufacturer directly at or from their official page on Amazon. However, before making the final decision, make sure to skim through the present testimonials and think twice whether you are willing to risk your money and time. It is unlikely that this product could impose a health risk for you, but the wasted bucks won’t ever come back, you know.


A few years ago, Monster T has been quite actively discussed all over the internet as one of the rare products to include citrulline into its formula. Yes, the idea was good, but its implementation clearly lacked efforts and effects. Now, years later, we’re left with one more citrulliney product that doesn’t really work (similar to Nugenix, if you’ve heard or read about it) – Monster T. My advice to you is try something proved and famous, something with hundreds of testimonials to back the claims. Although my favorite options are absolutely TestoGen , I’m not saying this is the only working supplement on the market. Keep reading, keep researching, and you’ll surely find a testosterone booster that will “click” with you and feel like the right decision!

I really hope, however, it won’t be Monster T. You deserve better, bro. 🙂

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