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Invictus Labs Alpha Boost – Does This Testosterone Booster Works?

Invictus Labs Alpha Boost – Does This Testosterone Booster Works?

What is Alpha Boost? Does Alpha Boost Work?

Invictus Labs Alfa Boost is advertised as a vitality booster and testosterone booster. It promises to provide improved testosterone levels for optimum Energy, Strength, Burns Fat and Stamina. The Alfa Boost supplement comes in a proprietary blend of ingredients, that does not reveal much about the dosage of the individual ingredients. The blend has also been used in other supplements such as; NutraTech’s TestoRe, Prime Labs Alpha Boost  and PrimeX’s Testo Max.

The Alfa Boosters supplement claims to stimulate your body to produce more testosterone, not provide the testosterone itself. The main website of Invictus labs does not offer much information concerning the product and its effectiveness. If you choose to buy the product, you are redirected to Amazon. The plus side of Invictus Amazon is that you can take advantage of their refund policies if you don’t like the product. Is the supplement effective? Let’s dive into the review and try to find out!

AlphaBoost Directions of use:

The following are some general facts about the alpha boost supplement:

  • The supplement is made of calcium and a blend of eight ingredients, each counting for 1484 mg per serving.
  • The recommended directions of use are:  1 to 2 servings a day – apparently double dosing improves the supplement’s effectiveness. This means you have to incur more costs though.
  • The supplement claims to burn belly fat. Normally, not supplement reduces belly fat only. Belly fat reduction is a consequence of overall fat reduction in the body.
  • Alfa boosters enjoys numerous positive reviews on Amazon. Though they are good indicators, they are not enough to endorse it though. But overall reviews state that it is one of the best testosterone booster on Amazon.

Invictus Labs Alpha Boost Reviews Ingredients

The following are the ingredients contained in Alfa boost.

It has calcium at a dosage of 44.28mg.

The Blend; it contains eight ingredients, each at a dosage of 1484 mg. The Alpha Boost Testosterone Boosters Reviews ingredients are:

  • Nettle
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Boron
  • Wild Yam
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Orchic Substance
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tong Kat Ali

The health benefits of calcium are undeniable. It works great to improve testosterone boost after exercise. It also improves the strength of the bone structure, improving your stamina for workouts. However, the 44.28mg is very minimal. A cup of milk boasts of 300mg of calcium. I am by no means brushing off the significance of calcium in the supplement, but the dosage is too minimal, while other far cheaper options could deliver more.

Tong Kat Ali
The Tong Kat Ali is an ingredient that enjoys scientific backing concerning its ability to aid the balancing of the testosterone to cortisol ratio. It has a potent ratio of 100:1. It works magic in boosting libido. Please, note that testosterone boosting and libido boosting are two very distinct aspects. Stronger sex desire and erections do not necessarily mean more testosterone production.

Horny Goat Weed
Funny! Right? The name makes it sounds like it will send your testosterone levels through the roof. I am sorry to let you know that that is very far from the truth. It does have some minimal testosterone boosting properties, but not very effective as to cause any rapid changes in your body. It is great for libido boosting though.

Sarsaparilla is a popular component in the medical field. It is used to make medication for liver detoxication, balancing hormones and even treating cancer. Its ability to balance hormones comes in very handy in this realm.  Balanced hormones lead to improved libido but do not necessarily translate to boosted testosterone, though it provides a favorable environment for testosterone production through other stimuli such as exercise.

Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto is yet another compound that has made tremendous inroads within the medical field. Its health benefits have science benefit and are undeniable. It is used in the treatment of prostate hyperplasia (BPH). It also reduces DHT levels in the body. This ingredient has been proven to have considerable testosterone boosting abilities.

Wild Yam
Wild Yam is a commonly used compound in supplements. It contains a compound referred to as DHEA. This component is prohibited by WADA. Taking Alfa Boost may therefore not be a very good idea for professional athletes. DHEA has been proven to be able to boost testosterone levels. There is no clear indication that taking it as Wild Yam would have same effects though.

Boron is a particularly strong ingredient in boosting testosterone. It has proven by science as being capable of eliminating testosterone killers such as SHBG and estrogen. Boron, otherwise known as calcium fructoborate occurs naturally in fresh fruits. It contains good amounts of calcium and fructose. These two works well in boosting testosterone.

Orchic Substance
This is a compound obtained from bull testicles. It is believed to be able to boost masculine vigor. It does not have any scientific backing though. It is used by some practitioners to treat mean with testicle shrinkage. Well, that’s funny and awkward! Apparently, if your testicles are shrinking away, you are going to get some from a bull. There is no evidence of the Orchic substance having testosterone boosting abilities.

Just like Boron, Nettle boosts testosterone by suppressing its killers. It eliminates estrogen, DHT and hinders the operations of SHBG that reduces testosterone build up. Nettle enjoys scientific backing as far as these abilities as concerned.

Invictus Labs Alpha Boost Proven Benefits

Alfa Boost has some proven benefits to your body. They include;

  • It has great libido boosting abilities
  • It has some level of testosterone boosting
  • The supplement promotes muscle growth
  • It is great therapy to improve prostate health

That being said, the supplement is advertised as testosterone boosting. The dosages of the ingredients are not fully revealed, making it difficult to judge their effectiveness in boosting testosterone, even though they might have proven abilities.

Invictus Labs Alpha Boost Pros

  • The supplement has libido boosting abilities that will boost your sexual desire.
  • All the ingredients used are safe and natural
  • The supplement is cheap as compared to many others used for libido boosting.

Invictus Labs Alpha Boost Cons

  • The manufactures through their proprietary rights withhold information about the specific dosages of the ingredients in the supplement.
  • The Wild Yam ingredient has been proven to have DHEA, which has been pronounced illegal by WADA
  • Calcium is very effective in boosting testosterone, but it has very low dosage in the Alfa Boost
  • The blend of ingredients is not unique and has been used in numerous other supplements

My Take

In as much as some of the mentioned ingredients have testosterone boosting abilities, Alfa Boost does not come to me as a testosterone booster. It seems like more of a libido booster. As mentioned above, libido and testosterone, though closely related are not the same things. You might be looking for a cheap option to deal with your reduced sexual desire. This could be the supplement for you. It costs $19.99 on Amazon. At best, the performance of the supplement, as far as testosterone boosting is concerned is above average.

Overall we would recommend you to try TestoGen as it is The Top Selling Testosterone Booster of 2018 and holds the trust of millions of users


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