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Force Factor Alpha King Review: Is This Testosterone Booster Safe?

Force Factor Alpha King Review: Is This Testosterone Booster Safe?

Force Factor Alpha King Overview

Force Factor is put across by its manufacturer as being able to boost sexual desire through testosterone level build up. This testosterone supplement is described as a natural libido booster. As men age, their testosterone levels tend to reduce, and hence a reduction in their overall body energy and sexual drive. Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. A boosted sexual performance will translate into a confidence boost for any man. Force Claims to contain natural premium ingredients, which guarantee a powerful performance.

The supplement claims to help in building lean muscle mass as well as boost overall male vitality. The ingredients are said to have been extracted from natures finest. Force Factor Alpha King claims to be a quick acting supplement, which you do not have to take for weeks on end before you notice the results. The above are some bold claims. The supplement has impressive reviews on various vending platforms. In as much as that a good sign, they are not enough as far as being sure of the effectiveness of the supplement is concerned. Are the claims true! Let’s Find out.

First, below are some random facts about Force Factor Alpha King:

  • The supplement is a product created by two Harvard graduates.
  • The Directions of use are clinically developed and should be adhered to. Directions of use are; Take one capsule every morning with breakfast.
  • One pack of the supplement lasts for 30 days.
  • It is recommended that you take the supplement with regular exercise and over healthy living traits.
  • The supplement has won the Rising-star Award before. It was hailed for having a powerful performance and premium ingredients.

Interesting facts! Right? Almost convincing that the supplement is top-notch. Let’s see the Force Factor Alpha King Reviews it anyway.

Force Factor Alpha King stack contains the following ingredients:

Force Factor Alpha King Ingredients and Dosage per Serving

  • Black Maca    100mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris    150mg
  • Diindolylmethane    100mg
  • Sapogenins    100mg
  • Alpha Fen    400mg

Alpha Fen:

Alpha Fen is the primary ingredient in Force Factor Alpha King supplement. It is contained in the supplement at a dosage of 400mg per serving. That is a considerable amount. The compound is extracted from fenugreek plants. It is clinically proven to be effective in promoting male vitality and overall sexual health. Further independent tests have revealed that the supplement has testosterone boosting abilities.

Tribulus Terrestris:

Tribulus Terrestris is a popular compound in Asia. The compound has used widely in China, Japan, and Korea as a natural herb. It has been proven to be able to enhance blood circulation in the body. The compound aids in the oxygenation of blood and hence the transfer of oxygen to body muscle. This aids muscle in developing or recovering. A good supply of oxygen is central to improve energy, stamina, and overall vitality. These effects have a consequential increase effect on the level of testosterone in the body. The compound is contained in the supplement at a dosage of 150mg per serving. This is rather small, but its effect cannot be ignored by any means whatsoever.

Black Maca:

Black Maca bears its origin in Africa. It has been widely used as a libido booster there for many years. Though there isn’t any substantial proof of its effectiveness in that realm, recent studies have shown that it has some testosterone boosting abilities. The natural extract has, However, been clinically proven to improve male energy levels and stamina. The ingredient is also used widely in other male performance enhancement supplements. It would be imprudent to brush it off. It is contained in the supplement at a low dosage, of 100mg per serving. It can still make a considerable difference though.


Sapogenins are natural extracts that continue numerous saccharide chains attached to each other. The Sogenins content in Force Factor Alpha King supplement is 100mg per serving. This compound has been clinically proven to have testosterone boosting abilities. The steroidal version of the compound is banned by WADA. The compound works by inhibiting testosterone suppressing agents such as DHT and SHBG. These agents promote the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body. When this process is inhibited, the levels of testosterone in the body will rise.


Simply known as DIM, this natural compound is contained in the supplement at a dosage of 100mg per serving. The compound is popular for its testosterone boosting abilities. It has been used widely in the male performance boosting supplements industry. Just like the Sapogenins above, it works by inhibiting the process of converting testosterone to estrogen in the body. It also converts the estrogen in the body, to a less active form of itself. This improves the performance of the testosterone available in the body.

Take Force Factor Alpha King For These Benefits:

Among the benefits that Force Factor has been proven to have included;

  • It improves libido
  • It helps build lean muscle if taken with regular workouts
  • It improves sexual desire
  • It has considerable testosterone boosting abilities

These benefits are impressive. It is not every day you will come across a supplement that delivers what it promises. The supplement might not produce the results as fast as they put it. The performance of the supplement is based on body processes production and suppression of testosterone and estrogen. The manufacturers do not provide much information about the potency of the supplement too.

Force Factor Alpha King Pros

  • All the ingredient used are natural compounds. You do not have to worry about negative side effects
  • The Quality of the supplement of assured to some level as it has exposed itself to scrutiny by the relevant authorities. The authorities conduct audits on the product following guidelines set by cGMP. Force Factor Alpha King has been given the green light.
  • It is proven to have energy, stamina and libido levels. These effects will leave you feeling great

Force Factor Alpha King Cons

  • The manufacturers do not provide enough information about the potency of the supplement.
  • The supplement might not be suitable for professional athletes. Compounds such as Sapogenins are banned by WADA.

My Take:

Force Factor has a great line-up of ingredients. The ingredients have been proven to have some level of efficiency as far as testosterone and libido boosting is concerned. The dosage of the compounds per serving is a bit low for some. This coupled with the lack of more information from the manufactures brings a bit of doubt about its potency, into what would have been otherwise a fantastic supplement. Great supplements are difficult to come by. Overall, the supplement does have some impressive and convincing features. Overall, I would give the supplement the benefit of the doubt and say its great!

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