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BioxGenic High Test Review

BioxGenic High Test Review

BioxGenic High Test Review – Product Features, Cost, Dosage, Ingredients, Pros And Cons.

BioxGenic High Test is a testosterone boosting supplement that is claimed to boost testosterone levels, increase strength and muscles, enhance prostate health and increase libido and body energy.

Product’s features

  • It is marketed as a testosterone boosting supplement that is approved by the physicians.
  • It is branded as the X-factor for development of lean muscles, an increase of body energy and boosting the libido levels.
  • It has muscle development’s amino acids.
  • Manufactured with a 4-factor approach to promote the testosterone levels
  • Available in retail shops and online stores like Amazon and GNC.

Cost of BioxGenic High Test

The value of the supplement depends on the number of capsules in the bottle. It is sold under the following dosages.

90 capsules sold at $69.99.

45 capsules sold at $44.99


The recommended dosage is one capsule served in 3 servings a day.


  • Zinc (zinc oxide) (30mg)
  • L-Glutamine
  • L- Arginine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid)
  • L-Ornithine
  • Testosterone Boosting X Complex (600mg)
  • Testofen (Fenugreek Extract)
  • Natural Factors X Complex (500mg)
  • Tribulus Terrestris (40% frustanol saponins, 20% Protodioscin)
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Avena Sativa

Prostrate Safety X complex   

  • Saw palmetto (50% sterols)
  • Beta Sitosterol
  • Bioperine

Zinc – It is a raw material for testosterone production. It also suppresses the levels of prolactin, a testosterone inhibitor significantly. Zinc also has been found to boost the body immune system thus creating a suitable environment for testosterone synthesis. It also helps the body in increasing the rate of metabolism and aids in the production of healthy sperms. Further research demonstrates that zinc signals for testosterone synthesis and release. It has also been found to aid in maintaining healthy levels of testosterone after an intense workout. However, the form in which zinc is provided in this supplement is not well absorbed by the body.

L – glutamine– this is an amino acid naturally found in the body. It is the most abundant amino acid and it plays an essential role in protein synthesis.

L- arginine- it is also an essential amino acid. It increases the levels of Nitric Oxide. This triggers the blood vessels to dilate, more blood flows in the body. This helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It also causes more minerals and nutrients to be supplied to the testosterone secreting organs thus more testosterone is produced. It has been found to help in triggering the release of growth hormones. This causes the body to develop stronger muscles.

L-Lysine- this is also another essential amino acid for growth. It helps in body muscles’ development and lowering the blood glucose levels.

L- Tyrosine- this is a non-essential amino acid that helps in reduction of cortisol thus improving levels of free testosterone. Cortisol acts as a testosterone inhibitor.

GABA- it’s a compound which is used as a depressive neurotransmitter compound. It increases the production of growth hormones. It also plays a role in reducing the stress-causing hormone, cortisol.

L-Ornithine– it aids in muscles cells recovery and reducing body fatigue. Research has also linked it with the ability to trigger the release of pituitary hormones such as growth factor which increases testosterone hormone.

Testofen- this is obtained from fenugreek extract which has been standardized for fenuside. This herb extract has been identified to boost the libido, helps in the buildup of lean muscles and increasing the levels of free testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris- the extract used in this supplement is standardized with 40% furastanol and 20% Protodioscin and it is a common ingredient used in the testosterone boosting supplements.

Eurycoma Longifolia- it is also commonly known as Tongkat Ali or Malaysian ginseng. It is frequently found in South East Asia. It was used as traditionally in boosting libido and as an anti-aging agent. It is used in the testosterone boosting field after research demonstrated its potential to raise the testosterone levels. One of the studies indicated that it increased the testosterone levels by 37 percent. This was made possible by its ability to reduce the stress-causing hormone, cortisol, which is a testosterone inhibitor.

Avena Sativa– this substance is derived from Oat straw. This substance is commonly used to enhance cognitive functions. It increases the Alpha brainwaves which increase the production of serotonin, melatonin, DHEA which aids in boosting testosterone levels boost. It also enhances production of the growth hormones.

Saw palmetto– the extracts from this herb has been standardized to 50% sterols and free fatty acids. It was used to heal libido problems. Recently it was found that it suppresses the activities of 5a-reductase, which converts free testosterone to estrogen.

Bioperine– it enhances bioavailability of all the ingredients used in the supplement.

Where to buy BioxGenic High Test

The product is available in a range of online retailers. One can purchase it via the company’s website.

Pros and Cons Of BioxGenic High Test


  • Many of the ingredients used for this supplement have been standardized.
  • Since it is made from natural compounds, no or mild side effects are experienced.
  • It focuses on 4 healthy aspects of the male development.
  • No stimulant is used in the supplement.
  • Can be found on both retail and online platforms.


  • The dosages of the ingredients in the proprietary blend is not indicated
  • The overall effect of the supplement on testosterone levels is not that significant.

Best alternatives to BioxGenic High Testosterone

They include the following: –

  1. Prime male

It is a 100% natural testosterone booster. It is claimed to maximize performance, increase strength and elevate libido. It was founded in 2015 by a company based in London.


It is claimed that Prime male has the following benefits: –

  • Boosts libido.
  • Improves the health of the prostate
  • It makes the bones stronger
  • Promotes cognitive function
  • Prevents insulin resistance hence controls blood sugar
  • It encourages tighter and healthier skin
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Aids in weight loss
  • The supplement is shipped worldwide.


The proper dosage is one capsule four times a day. One can take it with a snack or meal. Each dose should be taken three hours apart.

Prime male results

The product contains D-aspartic acid which the company claims that it elevates the testosterone levels by 42% in only 12 days.

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  1. Testogen

It is another alternative to BioxGenic High Test. It is an all-natural testosterone booster which is claimed to build lean muscles, increase body strength among many other benefits.


  • It causes an increase in testosterone levels
  • Increases strength and more lean muscles
  • Improves mental and physical performance
  • Elevates libido
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
  • It reduces body fat
  • Helps in reducing the levels of estrogen
  • Safe to use as it only contains natural ingredients.
  • As compared to other supplements, the product is reasonably priced and is less expensive.
  • It causes an increase in self-esteem.

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Does BioxGenic High Test boost the testosterone levels?

The BioxGenic high test has proved its ability in improving sexual performance. Its natural ingredients make it a safer option as no or mild side effects are experienced. It has a wide range of benefits making it recommendable.

However, BioxGenic high test possesses divided primary roles. This makes it not a good first line as a testosterone booster.

Testosterone boosting supplements such as Testogen and Prime male care the best alternatives to BioxGenic High Test. Their primary role is raising testosterone levels thus recommendable.

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