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Boron Testosterone Research Review

Boron testosterone Research Review

What is Boron?

Boron is a natural mineral extract found in dietary food that is believed to boost testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that plays a major role in boosting libido and fertility. It also aids other body processes such as fat distribution, lean muscle build-up, and red blood cells production. Low levels can lead to infertility, reduced sex drive and a low sperm count. To avoid these complications, the right T-levels need to be maintained in the body.

If your testosterone count is low, you may need to use T-booster. A low testosterone count is mainly caused by old age. Boron is one of the commonly used compounds in making testosterone boosting supplements.

Reasons Behind Boron’s Use in Supplements

Boron is used as the main ingredient in many supplements. There is clinical evidence that Boron helps to eliminate SHBG and estrogen that suppress testosterone build-up. It has also been established that it increases the level of absorption of vitamin D in the body. This results in increased absorption of Calcium, which is essential in the development of a strong bone structure.

  • Boron is also claimed to act as a natural antioxidant protector by regulating the output of free toxins. This improves your overall health condition and provides a favorable environment for the natural production of testosterone.
  • Other supplements claim that Boron helps in the absorption of Zinc and Magnesium into the blood. Zinc Magnesium and Vitamin D are fundamental building blocks of testosterone. Higher testosterone count will ultimately translate into more muscle gain, good moods, sharp mental abilities and increases libido.
  • Scientific research has it that 10g of boron daily for a week improves the testosterone levels by 28%. It also indicates that it suppresses sex hormone binding globulin(SHBG) which destroys testosterone hormones by converting them into estrogen.

Above are some bold claims about Boron, but are they true? Research about the compound has been going on, and some claims have been substantiated.

The Rat Research

One research into the effectiveness of Boron involved giving rats a regular dosage of Boron and observing the results.

The results included the following

  • A build-up of Vitamin D, which is crucial in the production of testosterone levels was noted.
  • The production of the female hormone estrogen was also noted. This creates an imbalance, given that testosterone is being produced too
  • A reduction in HDL3 was also noted. HDL3 is a type of cholesterol that is favorable to the body and provides a good environment for the production of testosterone.

The research also included observing the effects of Boron deficiency on testosterone levels in South African Crawl Frogs

A reduction in testicle weight, as well as sperm count in the frogs, were observed.

All these are strong indicators that the claims above hold some weight. The research mentioned above was conducted on animals though. Does it work on humans?

Human Trials

Lab Trial

To establish the effects of Boron on human eight males were taken into a lab three times in a week.

On the first day, a dosage of 10mg of placebo was administered. The second time saw the administration of a dosage of 10mg of boron. 10mg of boron was administered to the males during breakfast for the rest of the week.

The results after the one week indicted the Boron dosages translated into increase in free testosterone hormones, as a result of estrogen suppression. The total testosterone count, however, remained the same

Urine Tests

18 volunteer test subjects offered their urine samples for tests. They were instructed to be taking a daily dosage of 10mg of born over a period of 4 weeks. After the period, samples of their urine were retaken and examined. The subjects were asked to continue with their daily routines as normal.

The results indicated an 11.9% increase in the levels of testosterone in their body.

Weightlifting Trial

Weightlifting, testosterone and muscle building go hand in hand. 19 weightlifters were selected to participate in a research about Boron. They were asked to be undertaking their gym routines four times a week for seven weeks while taking a dosage of 2.5mg of Boron daily.

After the test period, blood samples of the body builders were taken and examined

The results indicated an overall increase in testosterone levels of 33%. Free testosterone rose by 15% meaning the same amount of estrogen was destroyed.

Numerous other experiment effects of boron on the human male have been conducted. They all have to lead a common ground. The following are the effects observed.

Boron’s Effect on Humans:

Some credible studies on the effects of Boron in human testosterone levels have been advanced. The following results were noted.

  • Boron led to an increased level of Vitamin D, which is a crucial component of Testosterone Build-up. Also, an increase in a component known as dihydrotestosterone was noted. This too is a very strong male hormone
  • The Boron compound led to a decrease in estradiol which is a female hormone and sex hormone binding globin. These two works to neutralize testosterone levels in the human body.
  • Unfortunately, an increase in Cortisol was noted too. Cortisol is a hormone associated with fatigue and stress. Such an environment is harmful to the testosterone production process.

The Verdict

In as much as everything, there is to write home about Boron is not rosy, it does have some exciting abilities. Testosterone boosting supplements is a big and booming industry today. Every man is looking to get a bit manlier. The Boron mineral is a blessing to all men out there. Its ability to improve testosterone count in the body has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. Getting a supplement with boron (one with the right dosage per serving) will most likely do the trick for many people. It is unfortunate that it increases the levels of cortisol. This can be countered with other compounds though. I’d say boron is quite an effective compound as far as testosterone build up is concerned.

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