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20 Signs And Symptoms Of High Testosterone In Men

20 Signs And Symptoms Of High Testosterone In Men

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, which aids in development of the male physique. The hormone helps men develop the characteristics that identify them as male. Some of these characteristics include; deep voice, huge body muscles, growth of more body and facial hair among many others. The testosterone levels in the body are measured in nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). The normal testosterone levels rangebetween 280 and 1,100 ng/Dl.The measurements are also taken in nanomoles per liter which is about 35nanomoles per liter (35 nmol/dL). The levels of the testosterone in the body may, however,surge to very high levels at time. This is a conditionrarely occurs though.It is majorly caused by testosterone boosting treatments and medication.

Testosterone levels above 1100ng/dL or 35nmol/L are considered abnormally high.

This begs the question;Does the extra testosterone haveany effect to the body? If yes, which changes does it bring to the body? To answer these very essential questions,let’s explore the aspects surrounding high testosterone levels and found out the possible effects of the condition.

When the testosterone levels are high, they cause some physiological effects, just like any other component in the body. Some of the physical effects include;

Growth of facial and body hairFace becomes wider
Strong and defined jawlineSmall eyes
Big Adams apple and a deep voiceShoulders broadens
Ring finger grows longertesticles shrinkage
Increased body strengthHigh endurance
baldnessIncreased aggressive behaviors
Increased libidoDevelopment of strong bone density
Increased body metabolismReduced body fat
Large noseRisk taking and impulsiveness behaviors
Confidence associated with arroganceFaster muscle growth
  1. Testicle Shrinkage

When the testosterone levels rise beyond the normal levels in your body, the brain sends signals to the testosterone secreting organs to stop producing more testosterone. Testosterone production happens in the testicles. When this activity stops, the testicles tend to shrink and reduce in size.

  1. Growth of Facial and Body Hair

More facial and body hair growth is commonly associated with men.When testosterone levels in the body are very high, the enzyme 5a-reductase triggers the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is considered as a more impactful androgen than testosterone. Hair growth in male bodies is promoted by increased androgen activity. DHT in particular is a very potent agent of hair growth in males.

  1. Strong and Defined Jaw Line

Testosterone and other androgen hormones have been proven to promote the development of a strong bone structure. Testosterone is particularly notorious in the promotion of more bone volume. This growth is more pronounced in the jawbone. The jaw bone becomes wide and develops sharp edges. This goes a mile in explain why men have heavier and stronger bone structure that women. It is also evident that men tend to have bigger and more pronounced jaw bones.

  1. Big Adam’s Apple and a Deep Voice

During the puberty phase, when the testosterone count is high, the body musclesresponsible for sound production, the larynx, the cartilage and Adam’s apple grows noticeably.The strength and scope of this organs is kicked a notch higher too. This makes it one of the easy ways ofidentifying high testosterone levels.The said male will have a very deep voice and a protruding Adam’s apple. It would be safe to assume a high testosterone level on a man if you notice he has a very big protrusion of the Adam’s apple.

  1. Shoulders Broaden

We have already established that testosterone helps to promote the bone structure. One of the most visible change in this realm are the shoulders. The pectoral girdle broadens. The shoulder girdle and muscles have androgen receptors. High testosterone levels promote an overly active androgen activity, which causes excitement in the shoulder girdle and muscles.More protein synthesis takes place, hence the buildup of more muscles. The promotion of the bone structure and muscles translate into broadened shoulders.

  1. Baldness

One of the most conspicuous sign of excess testosterone in men is baldness. However, this do not cut across all men.It commonly occurs to men who are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness. However, the baldness is caused by the more potent form of testosterone by the name DHT. High levels of testosterone in the body makes the convert to DHT. This hormone attaches to the hair follicles on the scalp and causes them to fall off causing baldness. 

  1. The Ring Finger Grows Longer

Scientific research has demonstrated that the ratio between the index finger and the pointer finger is directly associated with the level of testosterone levels. if the one has longer ring finger than the pointer finger, the levels of testosterone is said to be high and the vice versa is true.

  1. Face Becomes Wider

This trait has also been associated with high testosterone count in the body. When one experiences an increase in the testosterone levels the face tends to broaden, this is also partially caused by the broadening of the jaws.The width of the face is the distance between the malar bones with respect to the distance been the top of the upper lip and the eyebrows.

  1. Faster Muscle Growth

The development of strong body muscles is one of the fundamental function of testosterone in males.The hormone enhances more protein synthesis which helps develop stronger muscles. More metabolism also provides the energy need to build leans muscles, as well as protective nutrients that fight against infections. Infections will quickly wear out your muscles.

  1. Increased Libido

Scientific study has associated increased sex drive with testosterone levels.  When testosterone is converted in to estradiol, the sex drive gets a boost. Increased metabolism and lean muscle build up also allow better blood flow. A good blood flow is crucial for developing and maintaining erections. All these are issues related to male sex performance and libido. It is highly unlikely for a man with high testosterone levels to suffer from low libido or infertility.

  1. Reduced Body Fat

High testosterone levels boost energy and makes the body active. If you exercise, it becomes easy for your body to burn fat. High metabolism rates and protein synthesis prevent any further deposition of excess fat in the body. All fat intake is burned and converted in to energy.

  1. Development of Strong Bone Density

Various studies have linked development of high density bones to high testosterone. This change Is mostly clear in the back area. An increased testosterone causes formation of stronger bones and significant increase in the overall body frame.

  1. Increased Body Strength

Testosterone being associated with development of strong muscles is undisputable. More lean muscle means more body strength. High metabolism rates also produce huge bursts of energy, therefore providing you with more strength and endurance. 

  1. Increased Body Metabolism

Various scientific research has linked the metabolic rate to the levels of testosterone levels in the body. This contributes to how the body stores energy and the amount of energy it releases. Higher testosterone translates into higher body metabolic activity, hence reduced body fat deposits in the body and development of more muscles.

  1. Increased Aggressive Behaviors

It is in the nature of men to be more aggressive than the females.The physique of men contributes majorly to this. The stronger muscles and bones makes men more competitive and vigorous. The testosterone hormone contributes immensely this male nature. The body having more testosterone makes the trait of aggressiveness to be more engrained. This can be clearly observed when a person gets angry, the body responds with producing more testosterone which prepares for a fight or a flight.

  1. Confidence Associated with Arrogance

Testosterone also plays part in causing feelings of confidence and well-being. This can be useful at times as it helps one’s to raise self-esteem.It is also helps one to accomplishing more tasks and being more exploitative. However, when the testosterone levels are high, one may tend to be over confident and make mistakes. Hard headedness and arrogance are at times part of the over confidence.

  1. Risk taking and Impulsiveness Behaviors

Testosterone affects one’s self-confidence, high testosterone levels leads to over confidence. The aggressiveness and overconfidence translate to undesirable traits such as risk taking and impulsive behaviors. The overconfidence makes one feel superior than everyone, it makes one deem others as inferior.Poor decision making is also common I such scenarios. They make the decisions without first analyzing their consequences

  1. Small Eyes

Scientific research has found that the most males with small eyes have high testosterone levels.It further reveals that small eyes may mean the men may have been exposed to large testosterone in the womb. Similarly, they link women with big eyes to have high level of the female hormone estrogen.

  1. Large Nose

Testosterone has also been associated with development of a large nose, this is deemed as a masculine feature which is affected by the testosterone levels. High testosterone levels cause the nose to grow larger.

  1. High Endurance

As a result of the benefits associated with testosterone,such as increased energy,one is able to endure for long especially in hard physical training and doing various tasks. This is very beneficial more so to athletes. An increase in testosterone level consequently increases the endurance level.



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