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Masturbation And Testosterone

Masturbation and Testosterone

Do Masturbation Increase Testosterone Levels in Your Body?

The process of stimulation of one’s genital to the point of orgasm has been assumed to affect the hormone testosterone. Does masturbation have any effect on the testosterone levels? And if it has, how does it affect the testosterone levels?

To answer these critical queries, we need first to study masturbation at length and its relationship with testosterone. Testosterone is a sex a hormone, which not only affects the sex drive but also performs other important body functions. Research done has it that testosterone levels increase steadily during masturbation and sexual intercourse. However, the levels go back to the normal levels after one has reached orgasm. It is also important to note that ejaculation that is accompanied by masturbation do have an insignificant effect on the testosterone levels. It also indicates that the testosterone levels do not decrease when one masturbates. To build upon this several types of research have been done.

Masturbation and Testosterone Research

A study done on masturbation had some interesting findings regarding testosterone. The study found out that abstaining from sex and masturbation for three months or more lead to a reduction of testosterone though in an insignificant way. The study reveals the testosterone levels were brought back to normal when one was involved in sexual activities. The limitation that is accompanied by this research was that it was done to people with the condition of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, similar effects cannot be expected on people without the condition of erectile dysfunction.

Research conducted in the year 2001, established that when one abstains from masturbation for some weeks an increase in testosterone levels is noted. In this case, the study was done over for three weeks. There was a small increase in the testosterone levels. Another interesting outcome was noted. It was found out that after a week of abstinence from masturbation, there was a sharp increase of the testosterone levels by 150 %.

Another research was conducted on rats in the year 2007. The research involved repeated masturbation on the rats. This caused a decrease the number of their androgen receptors. The receptors are useful when the body wants to utilize hormone testosterone. It further demonstrated that continuous masturbation causes the estrogen receptors shoot up.  Frequent masturbation was found to affect the ability of androgen receptors to utilize testosterone.

Do Masturbation Affect Muscle Building?

One would be tempted to ask if the process of masturbation has any effect on the muscles specifically muscle building. Research has found out that masturbation does affect the testosterone levels mostly in young men. Testosterone is very useful to the body as it aids the body in building up lean muscles. This is enabled through the process of protein synthesis.

During this process, testosterone helps the conversion of absorbed protein by the body to a form which is usable by the body. Since protein is responsible for development and repair of body cells, the synthesized protein in turned into muscle.

Testosterone levels are only affected for a short period then goes back to normal. Research further reveals that masturbation does not in any way inhibit building up of muscles. But one has to do bodybuilding exercises.

Another research though not conclusive presents an interesting observation that when one abstains from masturbation for close to a week before a body workout, the researchers observe that the body muscle building rate will improve significantly.

Positive Masturbation Effects

Masturbation has elicited mixed reactions in various quarters. It has some advantages and some risks associated with it. Among the benefits of masturbation include;

  • Feeling pleasure – This is achieved as a result of oxytocin molecules produced after orgasm which has a positive impact on your moods.
  • Relieving stress – When one ejaculates, endorphins molecules are released in much quantity. This molecule inhibits the function of stress hormone cortisol.
  • Enhances one’s mood – After orgasm has been reached, endorphins dopamine and oxytocin are released. These compounds improve one’s mood and cause one to be in a high mood. It decreases anxiety and enables one to relax.
  • It causes one to have a sound sleep – This can be closely related to endorphins released as they reduce the body stress since they relieve stress which is well known to cause sleeplessness.
  • It improves your sex life – Many people have associated masturbation with poor sex performance, erectile dysfunction, acne and many other conditions on the body since they assume masturbation cause testosterone level variance. However, research demonstrates that masturbation does not affect the sex performance or any other part of the body regarding testosterone levels. These conditions are majorly associated with someone’s lifestyle. In fact, research shows when partners practice it during sex, it improves their sex life.
  • It eliminates pains and crumps – Endorphins molecules released after orgasm acts as natural pain relievers as they have an identical structure to morphine

Negative Masturbation Effects

Masturbation can lead to a physiological effect on the testosterone count. This occurs in a scenario where after masturbation one gets a feeling of low esteem. The society views masturbation as an evil activity that signifies adulterous activity. This easily leads to stress and anxiety which have a negative effect on the testosterone levels.

When the testosterone levels are affected negatively, erectile dysfunction may be experienced or, worse, sex drive may be reduced.

People who masturbate more often than they involve in sex with their marriage partners leads to serious marriage issues which in return causes stress and may lead to depression. This gives way for hormone cortisol which suppresses the testosterone levels and the effect on the T levels leads to other body conditions.

Ejaculation and Testosterone

After masturbation, ejaculation in men is inevitable. One may argue since the semen ejaculated is from the testes, the levels of testosterone may be affected too since it’s secreted in the gonads too. Is this the truth? Some sportsmen abstain from ejaculation weeks to competition from a believe that ejaculation lowers the testosterone levels hence affecting their performance negatively. To unravel the truth on this we need to study the relationship between ejaculation and testosterone. Scientific research done to study the relationship between ejaculation and testosterone indicates; when one abstains from ejaculation for a short period, the testosterone levels increases. The increase is insignificant though.

The research further reveals that when a person is subjected to long-term abstinence from ejaculation, the levels of testosterone count in the body reduces. The researchers also found out that ejaculation does not lead to a significant reduction in the testosterone. An interesting finding emerged too; they found that when one ejaculates more than twice a day, androgen receptors in the brain reduces. This results to lower activity of testosterone in the body. The research found that men who ejaculated while having sex experienced a temporary increase in the level of testosterone by 72 %. Those that ejaculated from manual stimulation the temporary increase was by about 11%.

In a nutshell, the research demonstrates that ejaculation affects the testosterone levels, but the effect is insignificant.

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